It is never a dull landscape on the Sunshine Coast! Being sub-tropical and coastal, it seems to be full of life and greenery all year round. One time of year is especially outstanding. A time of year that brings out the best of our trees and forests is the summer storm season. These are some recent images of fungi, seeds and flowers flourishing in our wet rain forests.
This video is from a tree pruning and branch removal job earlier in the year. One of the greatest things about being an arborist on the Sunshine Coast is the amazing views. There are few occupation on the Sunshine Coast like being an arborist. You get to see the landscape from a different and often breathtaking perspective. One stand out thing that we notice often, is the density of our dry and wet forests. We are lucky on the Sunshine Coast to still have areas of densely growing trees that are protected by greenzones and National Park laws. It is up to us to look after the trees on the Sunshine Coast so our environment remains healthy for the next generation. This also comes down to understanding what trees are protected and what trees cannot be removed under your local council regulations. If you are unsure about whether your trees are protected by Sunshine Coast Greenzone regulations, you can find the Sunshine Coast greenzone map here