Sunshine Coast Soap Tree - check out the bark patterns on this Soap Tree Native to the Sunshine Coast Australia
Are you ready for the storm season? have you prepared your trees? What are some things you can do? How can you prevent property damage? Should you attempt to prune dangerous trees?

There are many problems that lead to trees becoming dangerous in a storm. Branches can have double leaders, making them susceptible to weakness. There can be subtle signs of rot in a tree's trunk, leading to structural weakness. An overgrown branch may look healthy, but be too close to a power-line or structure, posing another risk. And then there can be issues that have resulted from bad tree lopping practices in the past.  Tree weaknesses often come as a result of unskillful lopping or topping.

For these reasons, and many more, you should not perform your own tree work on potentially dangerous trees. You should enlist the services of a qualified arborist. Have the overhanging branches trimmed and pruned. Have large or compromised trees removed...preferably before the storm season begins. This will help you to minimise dangers ahead of time.

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