The best ways to prevent gum tree limbs being dropped on your house or yard is to monitor the gum trees, and have them selectively pruned when you see the signs. Dangers to look for include; dead or rotting limbs, places where the tree has been topped or lopped in the past (this creates weaknesses in the limbs), or storm damage to your trees caused by wind or other trees. We can recycle your tree branches by turning them into mulch for your garden too.
PictureTricky Tree Solutions removing a dangerous Silky Oak near Buderim
The Silky Oak (Grevillea robusta) Is not closely related to the true oaks. It is a Grevillea of the Proteaceae family. It is native to the Sunshine Coast and thrives in dry rain-forest environments. Unfortunately this Silky Oak near Buderim on the Sunshine Coast was growing on a lean, dangerously close to a house and had to be removed.

This Bloodwood tree, native to the Sunshine Coast, has been producing and releasing large amounts of resin for 25 years. It is truly an amazing sight to see. 
Bloodwood Tree Resin
This is the best time of year to prepare for the upcoming storm season. Don't wait until trees become dangerous. Be proactive and have them pruned selectively. Have rotting branches, deadwood or overhanging branches removed before the Sunshine Coast storms roll in.