24/04/2016 11:28pm

I love the parasitic plants. Tree surgery. I have never heard of such a thing. I have learnt a lot from the site but the information you have provided is not enough. Please try and do more writing to help readers know more about what you do.

27/04/2016 5:19am

There are so many jobs I have no idea. So I can actually contact a professional for my tree. I am happy I came across this tree blog. I have learn a something new.


The tree you are on really needs to be removed; I hope you have a safe removal of it. I see you are excited about the job and glad to do it. Very few people really appreciate their work and I think you are part of the few. I am very much interested in your tree care. I love my trees to always look their best. thanks for choosing to take care of our tree for us.

06/08/2016 3:49am

Your job is very dangerous. Do you know that? Nice photo by the way.


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