This beautiful flowing Banksia is an iconic Native Tree on the Sunshine Coast. You know your on the Sunshine Coast when you see this beautiful native plant growing among coastal heath. It flowers in winter and has foliage all year round. We love admiring our unique native trees on the Sunshine Coast. Tree appreciation is one of the best parts of being an arborist on the Sunshine Coast.



04/09/2016 7:59am

Sunshine coast M a wonderful place.M very excited to see the photographs.The trees you have specially mentioned in this post looking Nice post, thanks for sharing.really beautiful.

27/09/2016 10:12pm

I have never seen this tree before. I do miss chilling on the beach and just hanging out with friends. I am graduating this semester and I don't have time for a vacation right now. Seeing the ocean and just admiring the beautiful view is one of the greatest places on earth. Nature is really beautiful.

01/11/2016 4:36am

That coast is always so beutiful! I know that place! It's really very cool!


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